GERGIN – Austrian High Premium Dry Gin

„Da Bua von da Mur ghört a dazua!“


Forest Glade

Liquid Steel



Gerdschi, da Bua von da Mur, decided after many years of summer work in a well-known brewery in his hometown not to become a master brewer but a master builder.

However, both combine many life and professional principles, but more on that a little later ………….

How many botanicals does a person need? Is it possible to recognize the individual from tens of different flavors?

Well, with these and many other questions, I've been busy enough in recent years.


The more I have dealt with it, the more I came to the conclusion that the number 5 to 12 seems perfect.


Why? This gets shown to us in many areas of life:

Already Aristotle has described the 5 senses.

Why have over the course of evolution 5 fingers and 

5 toes per limb prevailed among the land creatures?

For most team sports the teams consist of 5 to 10 players .......

I could continue the list endlessly and philosophize about it, but it is these very thought processes that have led me to create a gin out of as few as possible and as many necessary botanicals that surprises and charms the taste buds, the way through the esophagus for pleasure and releasing the largest number of happiness hormones. 


Want to get an unforgettable taste adventure?


Don´t dream it! Drink it!