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Gerdschis interest in Gin was awakened at the turn of the millennium on a sailing trip, where he was traveling as a rookie with some elderly, honorable gentlemen and the first maneuver was celebrated with an excellent gin.


Gin, Gin ......... And Gerschi's life was enriched by one more passion

After several years as an interested consumer - all gin varieties were tested over the years - a good friend awakened Gerdschi's attention to the spirits production. Hans can look back on more than 30 years of experience as a schnapps distiller, who has already passed on his manual skills and the art of firing from his uncle. He got himself carried away by Gerdschi's desire to make his own gin, and so both started a few years ago with the project "High premium gin". Due to the high perfectionism that had set both, it took a while until the optimal and final recipe was established.


Since this is just the beginning of the story I keep you constantly updated with news and extensions on the homepage / Instagram / Facebook.

To the 5 principles of high architecture or to make the perfect GIN:

  • The passion to accomplish extraordinary achievements and to produce creative as well as high-quality products.

  • Pioneering spirit to get involved in new ways and recipes.


  • The reliability to always offer the customer the highest quality.

  • The team spirit: working together with his team to create great things and sustainability.

  • Recognition of great achievements of already created.