Where do the ingredients come from?

Based on old traditions that the experienced distiller in the harbor waited until the cargo of the arrived ship was cleared and he could buy the best quality of ingredients for his gin, we make our gin:

Organic certified alcohol as a base, ingredients from selected retailers of our trust, from one of the most traditional markets in Vienna, the Naschmarkt. Sustainable products, mainly guaranteed from Austria and organic. Quality, sustainability, regionality, and Co2 balance are in the foreground.

Juniper from Austria, organic lemon and orange zest give our gin the cool, fresh notes.

The composition of classic ingredients with new floral elements makes the extraordinary uniqueness of GerGin.

Further details will not be revealed, true alchemists do not reveal all secrets of their recipes ... ;-)


An important part of the GIN production is the water: Here we have spared no effort to emphasize the high premium quality GerGin's. The water comes from the Hochschwab area, from a high spring, directly from the source, soft and original, pure and untreated, neither pressed nor turned, the Quan of the water!