"Liquid Steel"

The highest quality of the steel, which is produced in Gerdschi's hometown, should also be reflected in this gin. Centuries of tradition, constant further development, no standstill, constantly looking into the future. A constant companion in human life.

A little spiciness spices steel and gin ;-)

Pleasant citrus notes, a refined composition of traditional ingredients, floral tones, cardamom ensures a pleasant sharpness ……….

What the gin!

"Forest Glade"

This gin is reminiscent of a nice walk through the forest. You hike in the cool shade of the trees, a pleasant breeze blows over your face, then you reach a forest clearing: The sun shines on the green, lush grass, the scent of wild flowers pours through your nose, a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation sets in ……… ..

Fresh citrus tones, mild on the palate, warm, floral finish ... ..

what do you want more?

„Tasting Set"

Du willst einfach einmal herausfinden, welcher der beiden Gins dein Favorit ist?

Oder brauchst Du einfach nur ein kleines Präsent für einen lieben Freund oder Verwandten? 

Dann bestell einfach unser Tasting Set, genieß die Gins pur, oder mit Tonic.........

Viel Spaß und Gin Gin!